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CBSE syllabus is followed, with teaching methodologies that focus on happy learning with practical knowledge.
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School infrastructure is equipped with spacious Classrooms, Composite labs, Math labs, Computer labs, Indoor & Outdoor stadiums.
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Located in a peaceful environment surrounded by nature that creates a calm ambience to study & enhance creativity.

The Vishwankar Public School

About Us
  • Established in 2015
  • CBSE School
  • Pre-KG to Standard 12

We impart holistic knowledge to students to develop them into responsible & ethical citizens of our nation. We strictly follow the guidelines of the Central Board of Secondary Education imparting knowledge via curriculum, co-curricular & extra-curricular activities.



Three campuses are present in Coimbatore to provide the best education & to take an active part in the growth & development of your kids by imparting intelligence, knowledge & skills.

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Play School

(Pre-KG to UKG) – Students start their journey of schooling at Vishwankar playschool located at Selvapuram. Enjoyable teaching methods like Montessori & Jollyphonics are used.
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Grade School

(Pre-KG to Grade XII) – Vishwankar public school is located on the Siruvani main road near Madhampatti. Kindergarten to Higher Secondary Education is available in this campus with essential infrastructure.

Junior School

Pre-KG to UKG – Vishwankar junior school is located on Vedaptti. Enjoyable teaching methods like Montessori & Jollyphonics are used.
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International Teaching Methodologies

Highlights of Vishwankar
Jolly Phonics & Montessori

Kids enjoy learning the sounds of the
alphabets using phonics

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has a lot of real-time examples like robots, self-driving cars, Siri, Alexa, video games, etc.

Cambridge YLE

Young Learners English tests integrated
with the curriculum


Design & operations of robotics
taught via robotic kits

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Video Lab

Video Lab, is a EdTech for Art-Integration through Video-Creation for students.

Vedic Maths

Easy mathematics formulae & procedures
discovered in India


The motto of Vishwankar Public school is to make learning an enjoyable process. The location, our teaching methodologies and curricular activities follow this motto. Our school is located in a serene environment which gives a calm mindset to absorb knowledge easily. Our co-curricular activities focus on enhancing creativity, innovation & cognitive development in students.

The results of our effort are shown via the stress-free learning experience gained by our students. Our students feel happy to come to school every day with the same enthusiasm to learn new things.

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Our School in a Glimpse

Students enjoy their schooling at Vishwankar Public School as many competitions & cultural events take place regularly. Through these activities we make our students think out of the box & excel in more skills other than academics.

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Environment Based Learning Atmosphere for Kindergarden

A supportive practical learning environment that is well-structured, reliable, and flexible for the kids to play and learn.
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Extra Curriculor & Co-Curricular Activities

Various extra-curricular activities like Yoga, Karate, Silambam, Western Dance & Music are taught.
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Special Coaching for Sports Activities

Offering special coaching in sports to discover the students' talent and train them to excel in it.
I enjoy each day at @Vishwankar Public School. I like to go to school with more excitement. I easily study all subjects & teachers help me in it.
Sports were given importance in this school. My son was interested in athletics. They correctly found his interest and trained him. They also took him to many athletic meets.
My kid easily learnt the alphabets. Instead of just teaching her to write the alphabets they taught her various possible sounds of alphabets which made it more interesting for her.
Parent-teacher meetings were conducted once in three months. I can also approach the teachers and discuss my kid’s performance at any time. Teachers are kind & more responsible giving equal importance to all students.
My teacher teaches me easy methods to study. I specifically love the math lab. Math concepts became easy for me after visiting the math lab.
We aim to impart knowledge with Global exposure. Our teaching is more application-oriented which increases understanding. We teach theory along with the practical applications that help students to shine in their higher education as well.