Montessori is a century-old teaching method that is specifically taught in a different colourful environment that attracts kids to learn new things with excitement. This method involves self-directed activities, hands-on training, collaborative play, etc. Highly trained teachers are essential for the Montessori type of teaching.

Students involved in Montessori learn either in groups or individually to discover and explore knowledge through different creative choices which helps them to develop maximum potential.

Age-appropriate activities with experimental learning that help in child development are employed in the Montessori method. The Montessori method is either student-led or self-paced or guided or assisted where the natural interests of students are given more importance.

Montessori is a secular method of learning that builds a solid foundation lifelong for the students. Children can learn subjects like language, maths, and science easily and enthusiastically with the Montessori teaching method.

Benefits of Montessori