Extra-curricular activities are important for students to have balanced physical and mental health. In one or the other way, extracurricular activities help in improving discipline, creativity, mental ability, cognitive skills, behaviours, and strength in students.

When students apply what they learn in extracurricular activities in their academics and life it will help them reach the heights of success easily. Subconsciously kids learn a lot via extra-curricular activities, and it tunes them positively.

All extracurricular activities bring excitement for kids when they love to do them. Scientifically it releases happy hormones which help the children lead a stress-free life academically also.

Extra-curricular activities are not for fun but also provide a lot of benefits for academics as well. If excelled in sports, students can opt for the sports quota for their higher studies.

Every student will have interests in different areas of extracurricular activities. Here in Vishwakarma public school, we provide a wide range of extracurricular activities to satisfy the needs and interests of different students.

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Yoga is the pride of India and is very popular worldwide. In modern language, yoga can be said as an exercise but its nevertheless more than an exercise. It is a set of physical, mental and spiritual practices or disciplines which calms down..

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Karate is a famous martial art well-known globally. Vishwankar trains students in Karate also with expert teachers safely and securely. Karate is a stand-up martial art that involves kicks, punches, elbow strikes, knee-strikes and open-hand techniques.

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Silambam is an ancient Indian martial art that originated in our famous Tamilnadu. This is a weapon-based martial art where the bamboo sticks are used for defending. Key coordination of hands, leg movements, vision and thought are required ..

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Western Dance

Vishwankar provides western dance for kids who love dancing. Dancing can be an alternative for kids who are not much interested in sports. Children of all ages can learn western dance easily. The music and dance movements can create a lot more fun for the kids.

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Music is another extraordinary extracurricular activity for the kids. Our Indian culture is flooded with a lot of works in music. At Vishwankar we teach traditional music along with other world-famous music types. Along with this we also train students in musical instruments.