Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a specialized technological field which helps the computer to think via coding and programming. Computers don’t think on their own and we humans make them think in the desired ways we want to carry out many complicated tasks. This is possible using artificial intelligence.

In simple words, artificial intelligence is the process where you can make computers learn. Artificial Intelligence has a lot of real-time examples like robots, self-driving cars, Siri, Alexa, video games, etc. The Vishwankar public school students learn the basics of artificial Intelligence thoroughly in their schooling. Students understand the background and basics of artificial intelligence and how they are created.

Vishwankar students learn the theory along with practical sessions for artificial intelligence. Students get to understand artificial intelligence at their school age which gives them a motivation to pursue their higher studies in artificial intelligence. When students are given varied exposure in different fields, they can easily understand their interests and can pursue their future higher education accordingly.

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