Our curriculum which is based on the CBSE board is divided into 4 levels namely Foundation, Preparatory, Middle School and Secondary School. Each level focuses on different methods of teaching considering the age factor and the syllabus. Vishwankar school curriculum focuses more on practical learning than memorizing the subjects. We give excellent opportunities to our students to think in an innovative way and boost their creative capabilities in which our students get a chance to apply knowledge, principles and value to more than one academic subject.
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Kindergarden - cbse syllabus schools in coimbatore
Grades –KG to Grade II

As this level is for kindergarten and younger kids, teaching methods are made more fun and playful like games which help the kids to grasp more knowledge easily. Different teaching methods like Jollyphonics, Montessori, etc., are used to make learning enjoyable.

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Grades – III to V –

The focus is on individual need to experience and grow in his/her own way, and each child can express his/her feelings as they build their confidence even in their tender years. Students have greater choices of co-curricular activities and club activities.

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Grades – VI to VIII
Middle School

Our syllabus focuses on the explicit teaching of skills, development of personal attitudes and student engagement with self-initiated and responsible action. Multi-media in the form of videos and presentations is used more often.

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Grades – IX and XII
Sec. & Sr. Sec School

A rigorous and broad academic syllabus focuses on developing each student’s joy in intellectual pursuit. Students start preparing themselves for their next level of learning with confidence.