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Vishwankar Public School is well equipped with infrastructure that helps you in providing high standardised educational services. Students get more exposure and hands-on training when they are provided with essential facilities.


The laboratory is where the students practically execute the theory they have learnt in their classrooms. Labs develop skills for research within students which becomes the base of experimentation and exploration. This provides them with more understanding.

Vishwankar public school provides lab facilities for students with various instruments, apparatus and computers required according to the CBSE syllabus. We make sure students are safe and secure under the vigilance of their teachers when they conduct the experiments.

Science Lab

A composite lab is an integrated lab with facilities to conduct practical classes for physics, chemistry and biology subjects. Two types of workstations are present in the composite lab namely, a wet lab workstation and a dry lab workstation.

Experiments related to biology and chemistry are conducted in the wet lab workstation, whereas the experiments for the physics subject are conducted in the dry lab workstation.

Enough consumables and good working apparatus are always made available in the composite lab. We teach all the experiments as per the CBSE syllabus and give thorough practice till the students are clear on a specific topic. Safety measures are followed more stringent in the composite lab.

Math Lab
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Students will learn maths in the math lab with fun and joy. Mathematical concepts are taught with help of patterns, shapes, chats, tiles, kits, etc., which makes students learn maths with more interest.

Math lab helps students to visualize, analyse and solve problems effortlessly. They also help to apply math concepts in the real world. It improves abstract thinking, metacognitive skills, individual participation and group learning.

The hands-on experience using various colourful apparatus enriches the analytical and critical thinking in students. Students learn the concepts of geometry, fraction, volume, time, integer, geometrical progression, probability and Pythagoras theorem very easily in the math lab.

Computer Lab

Computer knowledge is important for students in this technical era. Vishwankar public school provides students with a well-equipped computer lab with the latest computers and speedy internet connection to seamlessly learn computers. We provide computer practical sessions even from primary education.

Computer practical sessions are designed according to the computer syllabus and students learn a variety of basic concepts such as MS Office, Flash, Artificial Intelligence, HTML, C and C++. Understanding the basics of the computer properly can help the students in higher studies to a greater extent.

Students can use the computer lab anytime to learn and research other subjects whenever they need. The infrastructure of the computer lab is well-maintained with proper ventilation and comfortable chairs for students to operate computers.

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Sports should play an important role in the growth and development of students that imbibe a lot of good qualities in students automatically. Subconsciously through regular sports activities, students learn discipline, respect, leadership, cooperation, teamwork, resilience and socialization.

The good influence created by sports in childhood remains and reflects throughout their life. Once the kids habituate and cultivate good qualities at a younger age, it is difficult for them to forget.

So, Vishwankar Public School gives much importance to sports and encourages students to participate in regular sports activities. We are equipped with infrastructure for both Indoor and Outdoor sports. We have the best physical training teachers to train both indoor and outdoor games. All sports goods and equipment are available for the students to play all kinds of indoor and outdoor games.


Indoor sports help in benefiting the mental health of the students. Sports like carrom, chess, table tennis, etc., that are played indoors can increase cognitive skills, hand-eye coordination, concentration and focus in students. Vishwankar Public school provides the best infrastructure with proper ventilation for kids to enjoy the indoor games. We encourage students to participate in indoor games as much as we give importance to outdoor games.


Outdoor sports help in benefitting the physical health of the students. Stadiums are important for outdoor sports, and we have spacious stadiums for the students to practice different types of outdoor games. Here is where students actively run and chase with activeness to train in different outdoor activities such as athletics, basketball, football, cricket, volleyball and many more. Students habituate to physical activities and exercise when they participate in outdoor games.


Students get exposed to more information and knowledge at the library. Vishwankar library is stacked with a whole lot of books from different genres. We also encourage students to read fiction books which the students enjoy a lot and also improve the imagination and creativeness of the kids.

Reading habit increases IQ and continues lifelong when cultivated at a younger age and will create an eagerness to obtain more new information. This gives practice to students to be updated with world happenings from time to time. We keep all this in mind and help students to use the library in the best way possible. The library is maintained with utmost precaution to be a silent zone which helps students to concentrate more without any distraction.

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