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We have collaborated and well ventilated classrooms which provide an enjoyable learning atmosphere for our students.


A child who reads will be an adult who thinks

One of the basic reasons why reading is important is because it helps you grow mentally, emotionally and psychologically. Every book gives us an opportunity to learn new things and explore new ideas. Our school has a spacious library which is equipped with exclusive collection of various fictions, non-fiction, journals, magazines, encyclopedias, periodicals, sportsbooks and reference books for all subjects.

Math Lab

The math lab is a place where anybody can experiment and explore patterns and ideas. It is a place where one can find a collection of games, puzzles, teaching and learning materials.

We have a well-equipped math lab which plays a vital role to explore, to learn and to develop favorable attitude towards mathematics. It provides to understand and internalize the basic math concepts through concrete objects and situations. It helps the students to build interest and confidence in learning the subject and to exhibit the relatedness of mathematical concepts with everyday life. It helps to develop an attitude of inquiry. The math lab provides an opportunity for the students to discover mathematics through doing.

Our Students are guided with a team of experienced teachers in the math lab to understand the math concepts in a fun filled way.

Composite lab

In our school composite laboratory, children get time, space, as well as resources to exercise their curiosity. They are given the freedom to engage in new explorations, experimentations, and explanations. Students themselves have to discover new ideas and concepts during their search for knowledge by conducting experiments. We at VPS believe that Children can become active learners from passive observers by conducting real time analysis and experiments in science labs. Science lab equipment allows students to interact directly with the data gathered.Children develop interest in scientific research in science labs. When they observe various things and carry out different experiments, their reasoning skills are honed and they start thinking deeply on those theories and concepts.


What I hear, I forget, what I see, I remember what I do, I understand

Computer Science lab

In the span of modern generation, we are completely depends on the Computer and Internet. We are almost blind and buried without the use of computer. It is one of the most important equipment that help us almost in every field. Starting from Schools, College, Banks, Hospital,Trade market, Malls, Private or Public offices of every domain needs computer for their work. Therefore, the knowledge of computer is very necessary for the students bright future and career. The knowledge of computer will also give them advanced career opportunity in the future.

Sports is a Metanomy for life

At Vishwankar Public School, participation in sports and other activities are considered to be an important part of our educational principles. We provide competitive athletic prospects to plenty of students for boosting the highest levels of sportsmanship .Here students’ gain from participation in a well-organized, top quality athletic program. Our school offers a variety of opportunities to a large number of students for their developing skills and sportsmanship. Same as here we give equal importance to yoga which plays a vital role in our day to day physical activity.

Through participation in sports activities, students learn teamwork, sportsmanship, winning and losing, the rewards of hard work, self-discipline, build self-confidence, and develop skills to handle competitive situations. These are qualities that students need to become responsible adults and productive citizens.Students also learn new skills which are useful in school life. Skills like teamwork, time management, management of any activity, how to lead a group and many more extra skills. Students who participate in sports and other activities have better leadership skills and learn how to grow and build relations with one another.


Our Mission is to empower students with yoga through inspired exercises to promote life time wellness. Yoga is the integral approach to physical health, emotional balance, mental and spiritual clarity founded and followed by a prominent yoga master in Vishwankar. Yoga may also help students get along better with one another, which fosters a more positive learning environment. Yoga offers time for body and mind to relax from the rigours of learning. This may help students be better at applying themselves when studying or learning in classroom. It also improves the flexibility and helps better posture and improves muscle tone. The lack of physical activity and consequent obesity problem amongst children can be offset by yoga. Yoga helps to relax, reducing stress and tension.

Extra- Curricular Activities

Extra-curricular activities help the child to build their skills outside the classroom. In addition to building skills within a specific discipline, extracurricular activities are great for developing general academics and soft skills. We in Vishwankar provide various opportunities for our students to bring out their hidden talent.

AV Room

A lot can happen over a smart board. Children can study in different forms of media. They get illustrations via photos, maps, graphs, regular and animated videos. Different minds have different preferences so they learn according to it. Interactive boards are been used in our school for better understanding of concepts.