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At Vishwankar we offer Cambridge syllabus for our students to master the English language. A Cambridge education prepares students for life, helping them develop an informed curiosity and a lasting passion for learning. It also helps them to discover new abilities and a wider world. Cambridge students develop the skills they need to achieve at school and wherever they go.


Education is a work of self-organization by which man adapts himself to the conditions of life. – Maria Montessori

As the saying goes, we believe that Montessori education helps the learner’s development and future learning. The main concept of Montessori is to promote the joy of learning. Beginning at the early age, it’s a critical time to set a strong foundation for the learner, so we provide this method of learning for our kindergarten students which paves way for the learner to think and decide independently for the future success which is said to be child – centered learning. It also emphasis the learner to play, learn and grow to imbibe essential skills through exploration and discovery without fear.

Montessori learning is a collaborated learning, which benefits all types of learners and also it develops the fine and gross motor skills. Montessori Method encourages concrete thinking rather than abstract thinking. The end result is to encourage the learner’s lifelong learning, the joy of learning, and happiness about one’s path and purpose in life. Our children in kindergarten enjoy the play way method through which learning is always a fun for them.

Jolly Phonics

Learning to read is an exciting milestone for kindergarteners. Early reading skills include letter sound recognition, Letter formation, blending, segmenting and identifying the tricky sounds. In our school we follow Jolly phonics for better reading at an early age. Jolly phonic is a fun and child centered approach for teaching literacy through a systematic learning of letter sounds, pronunciation and spelling. Teaching is multisensory and active with fun actions, stories and songs, which are motivating for the children and teacher. Jolly phonics uses a synthetic approach, which helps them to develop the five main skills for reading and writing.


Teach children how to learn rather than what to learn

We at Vishwankar strongly believe in this statement. This approach not only prepares the children for a vibrant academic future it vastly increase the opportunity to stand tall among their peers. We value deep subject knowledge as well as the conceptual understanding that helps students make links between different aspects of a subject. We also encourage students to develop higher order thinking skills – problem solving, critical thinking, independent research, collaboration and presenting arguments. These are transferable skills that will last a lifetime, preparing students for their future lives. They also make learning enjoyable and rewarding.We are committed in providing a supportive learning environment where every child is guided and encouraged to become an independent learner, fulfilling their potential in all areas of learning.